Registration Guide

Do I have to use the Online Clockwork Portal to get my accommodation letter?

No, you always have the option of contacting your DRC consultant directly by email, visiting the office or contacting the office by phone at 859-257-2754.

I have never received an accommodation letter from the DRC previously, can I use the Self-Registration form to get my accommodation letter?

No, you will need to provide documentation of your disability and meet with a Disability Resource Consultant to determine the appropriate accommodations. The consultant will generate you a letter, if appropriate, shortly after your initial meeting. To begin the registration process, complete the online intake form in the main menu and a DRC staff person will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.

I just downloaded my letter, are my accommodations effective today?

Yes, your accommodations are effective, but you will need to meet with your instructors as soon as possible to determine how your accommodations will be met based on the various course activities.

Will a copy of my accommodation letter be sent to my instructors?

No, it is still your responsibility to meet with your instructors individually and give them your accommodation letter. This meeting should also include a discussion of how your accommodations will be addressed in the classroom activities, assignments and examinations/quizzes.

After I submitted my accommodation request, it did not generate a letter and told me to contact my DRC Consultant. Is there a problem?

Some letters cannot be generated using our online portal. Please contact your DRC consultant directly by email, visiting the office or contacting the office by phone at 859-257-2754 to get your letter.

I requested additional accommodations and the portal said my letter was "pending." Now what?

Your DRC consultant will be reviewing your request and your documentation to determine if your request for additional accommodations can be justified. If your consultant determines the accommodations are appropriate, they will approve them and you will get an email indicating you can download your letter. If the consultant denies your request, you will need to contact him/her to discuss your request and/or get your accommodation letter.

You can also watch a video of a captioned video describing how to access and download you letter of accommodation at the link below: